Throwback Thursday, Peace Corps Style

It’s Throwback Thursday and today we want to share this photo of Matt during his time as a Peace Corps volunteer in Ghana, Africa (1977-1979).  Matt, pictured bottom left (I’ll get the exact placement) in the front row, taught masonry and brick making, but what he learned in the two years of his Peace Corps experience has been invaluable, especially during his three decades of public service on Cape Cod.

Volunteering in the Peace Corps taught Matt that, working together, we can accomplish much greater goods that benefit more people over more time.  This is true now more than ever for our communities on Cape Cod and beyond.  Part of being in the State Legislature is working not only with constituents, but also with other legislators from other districts and their constituents to initiate positive, lasting changes that help us create, nurture and keep strong communities.

True leadership isn’t simply charging ahead and expecting people will follow; it’s working with people to determine the best course of action and having the wherewithal to see it through.  That’s what Matt has done.  He did it as a volunteer in Ghana; he did it to help preserve and protect the Quashnet River; he did it to help get The Cape Cod Commission passed; he did it to start up the Cape Light Compact, and he did it for 10 years in the Massachusetts Legislature where he stood up for our communities on Cape and for people across the Commonwealth to help make peoples’ lives better.
That’s the kind of leadership we need; that’s the kind of leadership we know we can expect from Matt, and that’s the kind we’ll have again when we send him back to Beacon Hill.