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Three New Endorsements!

We are thrilled to announce that Matt has received the endorsements of The Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts, Massachusetts AFL-CIO and NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts!

Matt is proud to have a consistent and strong record on Labor and Women’s issues.  We look forward to working with these outstanding organizations to keep Massachusetts moving forward!

For a full list of Matt’s 2014 Endorsements, click here!



Matt’s Thoughts on Labor

Having just passed Labor Day and looking at current issues surrounding Unions and living wages, Matt found two things he wrote just before voting to increase the minimum wage back in 2006.  Please see them below:



September 2014

By:  Matt Patrick

Growing up in a very active Democratic family I always knew that there was a strong connection between the party and labor unions.  My mother was the mayor of my home town but she was also one of the local party’s most active organizers.  The union guys were always involved in the party and its biggest supporters.  My father and uncles were members of the teachers’ unions.    Clearly, there were and still are strong connections between the Democratic Party and labor unions.  What can be more important than supporting your family?  What can be more important than making sure you have bread on the table, a roof over your head and a decent place to work?

One major difference between the political parties is their stand on labor unions.  As a rule, Republicans don’t like labor unions and will do anything to hinder them.  The decline in union membership and influence has much to do with policies set in place by Republican presidents and their majorities in congress from time to time over the years.

Democrats, on the other hand, have always supported organized labor and have been responsible for passing into law many labor protections that we take for granted today.  Because of the labor movement and Democrats, we have an 8 hour work day, a 40 hour work week, workman’s compensation, Social Security and child labor laws.

There was open class warfare between labor and management in the first half of the 20th century.  Hundreds of workers died in strikes fighting for wage increases when they couldn’t feed their families.  Workers were working 12 hour days 7 days a week right into the 1940’s.  Children often worked side by side with adults forgoing their education.  If you were hurt on the job there was no safety net for you or your family.  If you were dismissed for no good reason you had no recourse.  Labor unions changed that and we should never forget it.

Even today being a member of a union has benefits especially for low wage workers according to a recent study entitled Unions and Upward Mobility for Low Wage Workers by Center for Economic and Policy Research.  The study found that low wage union workers earned 16% or $1.75 per hour more than nonunion workers.  And, union workers in low wage jobs were 25% more likely to have health insurance and a pension plan than non-union workers.

This is why I have always supported labor in my ten years as a State Representative.  My labor voting record is better than 90%.  Income inequality also weighs heavily on society as a whole and the labor movement has done more to combat this than anything else.  You can count on me to support labor if I am elected State Senator of the Plymouth and Barnstable District.

10 Reasons to Raise the Minimum Wage (2006), Matt Patrick

Although there are many, these are my top ten reasons to vote for amendments increasing the minimum wage.

  1. In 2005 there were 9 million American millionaires, a 62% increase since 2002.
  2. In 2005, 25.7 million Americans received food stamps, a 49% increase since 2000.
  3. Only 3% of students at the top 146 colleges come from families in the bottom income quartile; only 10% come from the bottom half.
  4. American CEOs are paid $475 for every dollar earned by the average worker in their firm. The U.K. is $22. Canada is $20. France is $15 and Japan is $11. In 1990 American CEOs were about par with these other countries.
  5. Last year the CEO of Wal-Mart earned $3,500 an hour. The CEO of Halliburton earned about $8,300 an hour. And the CEO of ExxonMobil earned about $13,700 an hour.
  6. Bush’s tax cuts give a 2 child family earning $1 million an extra $86,722 or Harvard tuition, room, board, and an iMac G5 for both kids.
  7. A two Child family earning $50,000 gets $2,050 or 1/5 the cost of public college for one kid.
  8. Only the wealthiest 20% of Americans spend more on entertainment than they do on health care.
  9. The $17,530 earned by the average Wal-Mart employee last year was $1,820 below the poverty line for a family of four.
  10. Five of America’s 10 richest people are Wal-Mart heirs.

Sources: Mother Jones, May/June 2006, “The Perks of Privilege, How the rich get richer.” And The Nation, May 1, 2006, “$13,700 an Hour.”




Press Release – Matt Patrick on Democratic Primary Results


September 10, 2014


CONTACT: Zelda MacGregor, 774.269.8867,

State Senate Candidate Matt Patrick pleased with Democratic Turnout in the Primary

Plymouth-Matt Patrick, Democratic candidate for State Senate in the Plymouth and Barnstable District and former State Representative from Cape Cod, was pleased with the turnout in Tuesday’s Democratic Primary Election.

“Turnout was low overall, but I’m happy with the Democrats that did come out.  I think it shows people are very engaged with this election cycle and I look forward to building on that momentum going forward with our unified ticket.”

Patrick has a strong record of legislative achievement from 10 years in the Massachusetts House of Representatives.  He was unopposed in Tuesday’s Democratic Primary and outpaced his Republican opponent in most of the Plymouth and Barnstable District.

For more information about Patrick and his voting history, see his website at


Primary Day Volunteers!

This coming Tuesday, September 9 is the primary election.  Team Patrick will be out among the many polling locations in the Plymouth & Barnstable District holding signs throughout the day.  Can you give two hours to helping Matt out on Election Day?

Please contact Field Director Dustin Taylor at 508.221.2017 or today and schedule a time to volunteer.


Press Release – Matt Patrick on the Governor’s Proposal for Temporarily Housing Unaccompanied Immigrant Minors


July 22, 2014


CONTACT: Zelda MacGregor, 774.269.8867,

State Senate Candidate Matt Patrick on the Governor’s Proposal for the Immigrant Children to be Located at Mass Military Reservation

Plymouth-Matt Patrick, Democratic candidate for State Senate in the Plymouth and Barnstable District and former State Representative from Cape Cod spoke today about the issues surrounding Governor Patrick’s proposal for housing immigrant children at Mass Military Reservation on Cape Cod.

“It’s time to sit back and take an emotional inventory of this situation and recognize what is stirring up all of this anxiety surrounding the Governor’s proposal.  When all the facts are considered, I’m supportive of the Governor as long as it doesn’t cost the Commonwealth or Towns any money.  It is an opportunity to show our compassion for children who have already had a very difficult time and are still in the midst of a traumatic experience likely to continue for some time.

The facts as I see them are that it is a temporary situation; the process takes on average 35 days.  In the end they will either be deported, reunified with relatives or granted asylum according to the law.  The base is leased by the Federal Government, so the fact that they are consulting with the Commonwealth and Towns shows their concern for local communities.  The children are not on the base yet, but when and if they are, they will be screened for infectious diseases and schooled at the base, so the impact to our communities is minimal.  We must ensure that there is adequate capacity for emergency services in the event of a natural disaster in the Towns with overflow at the base, which is standard operating procedure.

In the end, this is an opportunity to give these children a little peace during what is going to continue to be a traumatic experience.”

For more information about Patrick, see his website at


Press Release: Matt Patrick’s Position on the Supreme Court Ruling against Massachusetts Buffer Zones


June 26, 2014
CONTACT: Zelda MacGregor, 774.269.8867,

State Senate Candidate Matt Patrick responds to The United States Supreme Court Ruling to overturn Massachusetts’
Buffer Zone law.

Plymouth-Matt Patrick, Democratic candidate for State Senate in the Plymouth and Barnstable District and former State
Representative from Cape Cod, was disappointed by the US Supreme Court’s ruling to overturn the Massachusetts Buffer
Zone law. The law, enacted by the MA Legislature in 2007, created a 35 foot safety zone around the entrances to family
planning clinics to help prevent violence against women seeking reproductive health.
“I’m disheartened by this decision,” Patrick said upon hearing the news. “That law protected people from the epidemic
of violence against women that occurs at these places. Massachusetts was a leader on this issue in 2007 when we
passed the law and I voted for the bill.”
“That there is violence and intimidation outside these locations every day in this country is a reality we’ve got to be
honest about and address with laws that protect women – women who are already distressed. The Buffer Zone did not
stop opponents from expressing their opinion. It only enforced a safety bubble around the entrance of the building.
Massachusetts needs to be a leader on these issues again, and I will work every day to make certain we are.”
Patrick has been a long-time supporter of women’s rights and has strong voting record to prove it from his 10 years in
the House. He voted for the Buffer Zone when it passed 122-28 in November 2007.
For more information about Patrick and his voting history, see his website at

Excerpt from Cape Wind

(The Following is an excerpt from the book Cape Wind: Money, Celebrity, Energy, Class, Politics, and the Battle for Our Energy Future. Reprinted with permission of the authors, Wendy Williams and Bob Witcomb. )

Chapter Six: The Passion of Matt Patrick


 The Community Counseling Service “generated letter to John Q. Prospect” claimed that the Alliance had “gained support from all the local politicians” and had “developed a strong base of influential republican and democratic supporters in the State House and in Congress.” Politically, it did look as though project opponents had everything sewn up.

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