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Equality for Women is still an issue, and this organization is working to make sure it stays that way.

A group called Catholic Citizenship has sent out a questionnaire to candidates running for office in Massachusetts not for endorsement,  but for clarification of candidates’ stances on issues.  This, in and of itself, is not unusual for campaigns to deal with and we gladly fill them out because Matt isn’t afraid to share his stance on important issues that affect our communities.

catholiccitizenshipCatholic Citizenship claims that its mission “is to foster active and faith-filled citizenship in accordance with Church teachings and to encourage Catholic engagement in the civic arena.”  There isn’t much about them on their website, but you can find out an awful lot about them by doing a cursory search at the Office of Campaign and Political Finance, which shows where they spend their money.  For a “non-partisan” political action committee, they certainly finance a lot of republicans.

Last week, we received the Catholic Citizenship questionnaire with a letter telling us that, whether or not we filled out the form, they “may prepare position statements based on [Matt’s] voting record, public statements, campaign materials or other credible sources” on our behalf, which is troubling considering they would be cobbling together a 25 word (their limit) statement based on a Google search.

The questions asked by this PAC make it clear that the interests of their organization are based in hateful, fear-filled politics and not in faith.  Their agenda is clear from their questions, seeking support to turn back progress and legislate with intolerance, bigotry and a lack of compassion so complete that there is no mercy for people who need help and protection.

If you do not believe that there is still a war on women, read this questionnaire.  If you do not believe that the work we have done to protect the health and safety of women seeking healthcare, LGBTQ people in our community and the common good for our communities is not at stake, take a good long look at what this PAC, with no discernible connection to The Catholic Church, is doing.  Make no mistake, they are actively seeking and supporting extreme, conservative legislators to take us back to a time when women were regulated and god forbid you or someone you love is LGBTQ.

We filled out and sent in the questionnaire with honest answers from Matt about his positions and why he holds them.  We complied with their policy because we are not ashamed to stand proudly and protect the rights of women and LGBTQ people.  We are proud to uphold the Massachusetts Constitution and stand by the good will taught in the New Testament (since they brought it up…), which tells us not to fear and hate, but to love each other.  You can read Matt’s responses on the .pdf linked below.

Click here for Matt’s responses.

Mass Teachers Endorse Matt!

We are so proud and delighted to announce Matt’s endorsement by The Mass Teachers Association!

“Educators can rely on Matt Patrick to stand up for our public schools, colleges and universities,” said MTA President Barbara Madeloni. “During his years as a state representative, Matt demonstrated his commitment to advocating for students. He can be counted on to make the right choices to help working families and communities throughout Massachusetts.”


International Women’s Day 2016

I want to dedicate this piece, written by Zelda, to my mother who was mayor of my home town. Her two favorite sayings were, “Wash your face, you will feel better,” and “Walk a mile in their shoes before you judge them.” She taught me a lot.

2016womensdayI have been very fortunate to have some very good women in my life and I think it’s because of my mom that I accepted them as equals and mentors all of them strong and gifted. My wife Louise, and two of the best colleagues I ever had the pleasure to serve with, Mary Pat Flynn and Virginia Valiela and of course Zelda MacGregor, PH.D.

Today is International Women’s Day. Every year on March 8, we celebrate and appreciate the contributions women make from our local communities to the global communities. It’s a wonderful thing to do, but we should do it every day of the year, not just one.

The theme of this year’s Women’s Day is Step Up Equality. I could not agree more. When Women’s Day conversations first started almost 100 years ago (yes, that recently), it was called Working Women’s Day and it focused heavily on the unique contributions and struggles of working women in an economy that, to this day, is not very nice to women.

Women who work often don’t make as much as their male counterparts in the same jobs. Women who work often fall behind their male counterparts if they choose to have a family (and that’s when we give them the choice) because they are denied sufficient paid leave after giving birth, affordable healthcare, access to quality healthcare, affordable child care and so much more (all of this while being paid less than men).

It is an obvious fact that women of all stripes–whether they work or not–contribute to our society and, just as obvious, we need to send a stronger message to the world that those contributions are valued and appreciated. We need to recognize that a woman who chooses to have a family and work deserves affordable options to care for her family. We need to recognize that women who choose not to have a family are making the choice that is best for them and fully support their endeavors and applaud their contributions.

We need to pay women a fair and equal wage, not soon, not in 10 years, not in 20 years, but now. A fair and livable wage should not be decided by gender.

We need to provide accessible, affordable and quality healthcare to all women- everywhere. A woman’s health is between herself and her doctor; it is not the business of anyone else, especially legislators.

We need to stand together and proudly applaud the incredible and defining contributions women have made, do make and will make to this planet and we need to do it every day.

Throwback Thursday, Cape Cod Commission Edition!

It’s Throwback Thursday!
Did you know that Matt was the Co-chairman and Treasurer of the Coalition for the Cape Cod Commission Act? Matt, along with other volunteers, campaigned hard all over Cape Cod to earn the support of 76% of voters on the ballot initiative that created the Commission!
The Cape Cod Commission gives citizens and Towns the opportunity to engage with developers on even footing and takes into account the economic and environmental impact a new development could make. This positive approach to land use policy is a great tool to help keep our communities local and vibrant.
This is the original woodcut print by Matt that was used as the campaign poster and post card. Pretty cool, huh?!

Listening Tour Dates!

The first two stops on Matt’s listening tour of the 3rd Barnstable District have been scheduled in Mashpee and Hatchville.




Thursday, November 5 @7pm at New Alchemy Farm Auditorium 233 Hatchville Road East Falmouth, MA 02536






Thursday, November 12 @7pm at The Picnic Box on the Mashpee Rotary




We hope to see you there!  Bring your questions, thoughts and friends!

Three New Endorsements!

We are thrilled to announce that Matt has received the endorsements of The Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts, Massachusetts AFL-CIO and NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts!

Matt is proud to have a consistent and strong record on Labor and Women’s issues.  We look forward to working with these outstanding organizations to keep Massachusetts moving forward!

For a full list of Matt’s 2014 Endorsements, click here!