Equality for Women is still an issue, and this organization is working to make sure it stays that way.

A group called Catholic Citizenship has sent out a questionnaire to candidates running for office in Massachusetts not for endorsement,  but for clarification of candidates’ stances on issues.  This, in and of itself, is not unusual for campaigns to deal with and we gladly fill them out because Matt isn’t afraid to share his stance on important issues that affect our communities.

catholiccitizenshipCatholic Citizenship claims that its mission “is to foster active and faith-filled citizenship in accordance with Church teachings and to encourage Catholic engagement in the civic arena.”  There isn’t much about them on their website, but you can find out an awful lot about them by doing a cursory search at the Office of Campaign and Political Finance, which shows where they spend their money.  For a “non-partisan” political action committee, they certainly finance a lot of republicans.

Last week, we received the Catholic Citizenship questionnaire with a letter telling us that, whether or not we filled out the form, they “may prepare position statements based on [Matt’s] voting record, public statements, campaign materials or other credible sources” on our behalf, which is troubling considering they would be cobbling together a 25 word (their limit) statement based on a Google search.

The questions asked by this PAC make it clear that the interests of their organization are based in hateful, fear-filled politics and not in faith.  Their agenda is clear from their questions, seeking support to turn back progress and legislate with intolerance, bigotry and a lack of compassion so complete that there is no mercy for people who need help and protection.

If you do not believe that there is still a war on women, read this questionnaire.  If you do not believe that the work we have done to protect the health and safety of women seeking healthcare, LGBTQ people in our community and the common good for our communities is not at stake, take a good long look at what this PAC, with no discernible connection to The Catholic Church, is doing.  Make no mistake, they are actively seeking and supporting extreme, conservative legislators to take us back to a time when women were regulated and god forbid you or someone you love is LGBTQ.

We filled out and sent in the questionnaire with honest answers from Matt about his positions and why he holds them.  We complied with their policy because we are not ashamed to stand proudly and protect the rights of women and LGBTQ people.  We are proud to uphold the Massachusetts Constitution and stand by the good will taught in the New Testament (since they brought it up…), which tells us not to fear and hate, but to love each other.  You can read Matt’s responses on the .pdf linked below.

Click here for Matt’s responses.