Happy Labor Day

Congratulations to Tom Brady and The Patriots on today’s ruling! This is an excellent victory to celebrate as we head into Labor Day weekend; let’s make sure we remember why we have the weekend in the first place: unions.

Collective bargaining allows workers to protect themselves from abuses by management, provides a safety net in case of a workplace injury and ensures that people are paid a living wage that can support a family… and so much more.

We are right to feel encouraged by this decision today–whether or not a fan of The Patriots–because it highlights the importance of unions in every aspect of our lives and at every level.

Let it also remind us that the battle did not used to be in the courtroom, that full on class warfare and a violent struggle had to come to a head before we could have this weekend.

We still have some of these battles ahead. Not everyone is guaranteed a living wage. Not everyone can count on a weekend or even a day off. There are people who are one accident away from financial ruin. Let us stand together and march forward toward a brighter future where everyone has the opportunity to love their job and live a happy, healthy life without the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Have a wonderful, safe weekend.