Clean Energy Jobs

Green energy jobs are the fastest growing sector of our economy, and Massachusetts is the leader in their creation.  The Commonwealth is on track to have over 100,000 employees working for over 6,000 different firms by the end of 2015.  This is due in part to the Green Communities Act, legislation of which a significant portion was written by Matt during his time as a State Representative.  Matt’s work increased the net metering benefit to homeowners who install solar photovoltaic systems and made it possible with the concept of virtual net metering for people to invest in community photovoltaic systems.  Matt was also the primary sponsor of the Energy Efficient Appliance Act and the Property Assessed Clean Energy Act both of which were passed into law.

All of these bills contributed to making Massachusetts the national leader in the creation of clean energy jobs.  These jobs are often well paying, good jobs that support families, which is exactly what we need on Cape Cod.  There are also many ancillary jobs that come with this industry as support for the employees and firms in the business.