There is nothing better we can do for our Commonwealth than to provide people the helping hand of education to improve their lives.  These efforts must begin with access to pre-k and follow our kids through high school and as far as they want to go after that– whether it is a four year degree or vocational training.  When we have an educated workforce, everyone does better.

Matt knows that access to quality education is necessary to find a good job, and he will work to maintain Massachusetts’ world class standing in education by supporting public schools.  He has consistently been supported by Teachers and will continue to work with educators to strengthen our schools so that every child has the opportunity to receive a first rate education.

College tuition rises faster than inflation often making it difficult for our kids to continue their education.  Matt believes we can do more at a state level to make tuition affordable and also help people who already have high college debt.  We need to maintain our current ranking as the best educated workforce in the Nation.  We need to make our college system affordable, keep interest rates on college loans low and help graduates with a heavy debt burden refinance their loans at lower interest rates.