Notable Accomplishments


  1. Secured funding for the  construction of the Sagamore Flyover.
  2. Secured funding for the Town of Bourne to offset the cost of educating children from Otis.
  3. Matt fought for and won annual funding to treat Veterans at the Cape Cod Clinic and transportation to make it easier for Veterans to travel to and receive the treatment they need.  He received the Legislator of the Year award from the Massachusetts Veterans Service Officers Association.
  4. Shut down the Canal power plant resulting in cleaner air and ratepayer savings of roughly $20 Million annually.
  5. Matt organized the Quashnet Coalition in the early ‘80s to preserve the Quashnet River Valley.
  6. Matt was the co-chair and treasurer of the Coalition for the Cape Cod Commission Act. The Act passed with  76% of the vote in a ballot initiative and has protected towns on the Cape from over development.
  7. Cape Light Compact is another example of regional aggregation of purchasing power to help save money, and Matt helped build it as Executive Director of Self Reliance.
  8. Matt secured annual funding for school nurses.
  9. KI for all towns on Cape Cod paid for by Entergy and working to create an evacuation plan for the Cape if Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station has a meltdown (we’ll pick this issue right back up when we get to the State House).
  10. Matt filed and passed the bill to create Mashpee Economic Development Corporation.
  11. Matt wrote significant portions of the Green Communities Act which has helped the renewable energy sector of our economy grow faster than any other sector in Massachusetts and employs more than 100,000 people at 6,000 firms.
  12. Matt lead the fight to close corporate tax loopholes that shorted the budget hundreds of millions of dollars each year.
  13. Matt introduced the bill that created safety restrictions for children on ATVs.
  14. Matt sponsored and passed into law the Energy efficient Appliance Bill.
  15. Matt sponsored and passed into law the Property Assessed Clean Energy Act or P.A.C.E., for which he was given a citation by the City of Cambridge.
  16. Matt secured funding for Winter Moth research and eradication.
  17. Matt introduced and passed into law No Name Calling Day legislation written by Mashpee Students.