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Press Release – Matt Patrick Testified at the Cape Cod Commission on Behalf of Local Business Man


February 8, 2016


CONTACT: Zelda MacGregor, 774.269.8867, zelda@electmattpatrick.org

Matt Patrick Testified at Cape Cod Commission on Behalf of Local Businessman

Falmouth- Matt Patrick, candidate for the 3rd Barnstable District State Representative seat, testified Thursday, February 4 on behalf of local businessman Franco Raponi.  Raponi owns an office suite on MacArthur Boulevard that houses non-profit Community Health Center of Cape Cod and New England Baptist Hospital both of which are looking to expand to provide more services to people in need of healthcare on Cape Cod.

“Franco is an incredible asset to our communities.  In this instance, he took an eyesore of a sand pit and turned it into a tax paying business that provides reasonable rental rates for two badly needed nonprofits that are important for low income families on Cape Cod,” Patrick said.  “This location is on a major highway near a commercially dense area and it does not disturb any environmentally important areas.  There are no wetlands nearby or endangered species and Franco is spending a lot of money for a new denitrifying septic system as well as highway safety and access improvements.  This is exactly the kind of local business that we want to encourage and I was happy to tell that to the Cape Cod Commission.”

Patrick also highlighted his experience with the Cape Cod Commission as one of the chairmen of the coalition that got the ballot initiative passed to establish the regional planning body. This is the first time he has ever spoken in favor of any proposal before the Commission.

Patrick served as the 3rd Barnstable District’s State Representative for five consecutive terms 2000-2010 during which he led the charge to close corporate tax loopholes resulting in millions of dollars back into the state budget.  Patrick  worked with constituents on issues of public safety, health and clean energy.  He also successfully fought for the Sagamore flyover to alleviate traffic issues at Sagamore Bridge and funding for Bourne to educate the children from the Massachusetts Military reservation.

Patrick’s platform is available on his website.  For more events or information about Matt Patrick and his campaign, please visit www.electmattpatrick.org



Throwback Thursday, Cape Cod Commission Edition!

It’s Throwback Thursday!
Did you know that Matt was the Co-chairman and Treasurer of the Coalition for the Cape Cod Commission Act? Matt, along with other volunteers, campaigned hard all over Cape Cod to earn the support of 76% of voters on the ballot initiative that created the Commission!
The Cape Cod Commission gives citizens and Towns the opportunity to engage with developers on even footing and takes into account the economic and environmental impact a new development could make. This positive approach to land use policy is a great tool to help keep our communities local and vibrant.
This is the original woodcut print by Matt that was used as the campaign poster and post card. Pretty cool, huh?!

Excerpt from Cape Wind

(The Following is an excerpt from the book Cape Wind: Money, Celebrity, Energy, Class, Politics, and the Battle for Our Energy Future. Reprinted with permission of the authors, Wendy Williams and Bob Witcomb. )

Chapter Six: The Passion of Matt Patrick


 The Community Counseling Service “generated letter to John Q. Prospect” claimed that the Alliance had “gained support from all the local politicians” and had “developed a strong base of influential republican and democratic supporters in the State House and in Congress.” Politically, it did look as though project opponents had everything sewn up.

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